How can I get $JPG token?

You can get $JPG tokens by earning XP on JPG Store and later converting the XP to $JPG at the end of the active season.

You can also acquire the token on the following Exchanges: OKX Gate.io Minswap (DEX) DexHunter (DEX Aggregator)

What is the Policy ID and Asset Name

Policy ID: 681b5d0383ac3b457e1bcc453223c90ccef26b234328f45fa10fd276 Fingerprint: asset1zja8w2t0vfem5cq4h4l8t0edwfxm8jaqv0erxz Asset Name: 4a5047 Cardanoscan:https://cardanoscan.io/token/681b5d0383ac3b457e1bcc453223c90ccef26b234328f45fa10fd2764a5047

What chain does the $JPG token exist on?

$JPG is a native token on the Cardano Blockchain. You can learn more about the token's technical details by viewing in Contracts/Audits/Code Review.

Can anyone use the jpg.store XP -> $JPG converter?

The XP converter is available to all to users outside the USA and Canada. XP will remain attached to wallets indefinitely so that if there is future regulatory clarity in the USA and Canada, you will be able to convert and claim your tokens at that time.

What can I do with $JPG?

If you still have any questions please reach out to us on X at https://twitter.com/JPGFoundation

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