📪Emission & Vesting Schedules

Community Rewards 56% - The first distribution (50,000,000 $JPG) will be for Season 1 and all qualified past volume on jpg.store. The amount of $JPG you receive will be based on how much XP you've acquired from their rewards system. Visit jpg.foundation and sync your wallet to see your XP earned and how much $JPG you qualify for. 112,000,000 $JPG is set to unlock by the end year one, Sept 2024 (this 112m includes the 50m from season 1). You can view the chart at the bottom of this page to see the unlock periods, but here is the annual amounts the community rewards that will be unlocked over the next 10 years.

Liquidity 14% - 100% unlocked from day 1 (140,000,000 $JPG). If more liquidity is required in the future, it will be provided from the foundation treasury.

Foundation Treasury 25% - 250,000,000 $JPG to be vested over 10 years with only 10,000,000 unlocked at the launch of the token. Visit the "Vesting Contracts" page to see the vesting schedule and unlock periods.

Investors 5% - 0% unlocked initially, first token unlock at the 1 year mark, then distributed over 1 year.

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