🎆Initial Distribution

Season 1 - 50,000,000 $JPG

25% of initial circulating supply | 5% of total supply

In recognition of their active participation and dedication, users who have successfully taken part in Season One and those who have engaged in trading on jpg.store since November 2021 will be eligible for rewards in $JPG, determined based on their total accumulated XP. This initiative serves as an appreciation of contributions and engagement within the $JPG Token ecosystem.

Liquidity - 140,000,000 $JPG

70% of initial circulating supply | 14% of total Supply

With 14% of the total token supply allocated for liquidity provisions at launch, we ensure a robust and fluid trading environment on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. This allocation incentivizes market liquidity, enabling smooth and efficient trading experiences for all participants, while bolstering the overall stability of the token. 75,000,000 $JPG of the 140,000,000 $JPG in this allocation will be used by the Wave ADA Yield Fund to provide liquidity on Minswap at the launch of $JPG, as well as other DEXs when we launch them at later dates.

The remaining 65,000,000 $JPG will be used by the foundation to provide pairing on Centralized Exchanges, Yield Farming to DEXs, as well as other liquidity initiatives. More specific information on these coming very soon.

If more liquidity is needed in the future, it will be provided from the foundation treasury.

Foundation Treasury - 10,000,000 $JPG

5% of initial circulating supply | 1% of total supply

This allocation empowers the foundation to manage and oversee the day-to-day operations of the token ecosystem. The foundation's role includes governance, administration, marketing and strategic development to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the $JPG Token. This allocation will also be used towards development costs associated with platform integrations, partnerships, legal fees, as well as future endeavors.

Investors - 0 $JPG

Their supply is locked for the first year, and then vests over one year.

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