We at the foundation believe in the vision of Cardano and understand the unique opportunities Cardano offers to NFTs by treating them as native tokens. Our core aim is to empower creators and collectors by driving innovation, community initiatives, and user loyalty by using its token $JPG.


Businesses across the spectrum are constantly facing challenges around growth, customer engagement and customer relationship management. Different industries have come to different solutions for these challenges, where airlines award air-miles, coffee shops provide punchcards and grocery stores create membership cards; all different in their own right but following the same spirit of awarding stakeholders who make the wheel go round.
JPG Foundation aims to provide a similar loyalty program to the Cardano NFT Ecosystem's largest marketplace JPG Store while continuing to develop relationships across the ecosystem to facilitate and promote growth and adoption.

Why a token?

Traditional reward programs lack transparency and are usually inefficient and time bound. Cryptocurrency and Web3 offers much more scalable and efficient solutions for users empowering them to take control of their own rewards. We are here to offer that solution to JPG Store, in the form of a rewards & loyalty token named $JPG. Opting for the $JPG token as a rewards program offers a host of advantages distinct from the conventional web2 world. Unlike the traditional model where rewards hold limited flexibility, $JPG rewards grant users genuine ownership and control.

Benefits of an on-chain token

Underpinned by Cardano's decentralized blockchain technology, $JPG fosters transparency and security. Users can trace the complete transaction history, ensuring trust and removing any manipulation today and for years to come. This inclusive nature is particularly beneficial for international users grappling with limitations inherent to traditional rewards. Furthermore, $JPG aims to enable multiple businesses to deliver tailored experiences based on user behavior, elevating the relevancy and significance of the reward system.
The shift towards a cryptocurrency based reward system like $JPG also reduces costs and intermediaries, streamlining the process and enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions.
Ultimately, $JPG rewards will redefine the rewards landscape, amplifying ownership, flexibility, and transparency for users while disrupting the confines of the traditional rewards model dictated by traditional corporations.